Friday, October 12, 2007


Dear Zac Efron

I hop the is your e-mail address and if it is can you right back to me and why did you break up with Vanessa Hudgens and are you go to get back to gater with vanessa yes or no and can me and my friend slaring brat your birthday on oct 18 yes or no and can i have your phone number and your Code and do you sill go to school and what do you won't for your birthday and how old are you go to be and i have a lorm clock of high school musical 2 for wen i go to school P.S please right back to me so as you get the e-mail that i am send you for my home and tell vanessa to give me her e-mail address and her Phone number and code and i got the necklace that you gave Vanessa Hudgens on high school musical 2 and i have the Cd of high school musical 2 and i got all the shrit of high school musical and i have a baook back and i go the books one ther four and i have the pocktbook with troy on it and lot of poster and i have a good night and a good day to morrow waht are you go to do on satrday and i am go fish wirh my pappy and i got the luch box of high school musical.

From Tiffany


Lauren said...

Wow. These children have obviously never taken English 101. That's sad. :(

Hang in there Zac. You'll be a star one day and then you can enjoy all this fanfare. :)

Bev Sykes said...
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gus said...

Oh, my god. Is this one really real? It's so good it almost sounds fake.